Monthly Development Plans (MDP)

  • You are having a web project.
  • You have a software project to be developed.
  • You own a software company
  • You have a website to be promoted
  • If you want a software company to be the back office and provide any or all of the following services.
    • Design
    • development
    • coding
    • web marketing and seo promotion
    • asp/ coding
    • phtoshop/dreamweaver based designs
    • In case you want a soft payment option where the outgo of money should be on monthly basis, the development can also be done on phased manner on monthly schedules.

Even if just one of those mentioned above is your requirement, then our

Monthly Development Plans

(MDP) is undoubtedly the best solution for you!

You can sign up for as low as 1 hour per day , for 24 days a month :-

Here are the various monthly development plans we have:-

Maintenance Plans :

1 hr every day- per month support plan
2 hrs every day- per month support plan
4 hrs every day- per month support plan
8 hrs every day- per month support plan
1 staff working for 8 hrs support  
16 every day- per month support plan
2 staff working for 8 hrs each  
24 hrs support Plan
3 staff working for 24 hrs support
Night shift will also be there but Sundays and national holidays its will be a holiday.
24/7 support Plan
4 staff working for 24/7 hrs support  
On holidays and on Sundays – all days the work will go on non-stop  
More support Plans – customized to your needs please ask us.


Hire a .Net programmer/coder
Hire a php/mysql programmer/coder
Hire a asp programmer/coder
Hire photoshop dreamweaver designer
Hire a Flash designer
Hire a SEO specialists
Hire are SEP specialist
Hire a web server manager
Hire a IT support manager
Hire a software tester
Hire a MS sql coder
Hire a ms acess cod,er
Hire a Servlets, JSP Struts-coder
Hire a oscommerce/ joomla /yahoo shop/ various shopping cart support manager
Book our company to do all these jobs on allotted hourly basis (or) book any one option