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Nissi Infotech Private Limited is a

complete web solutions company

dealing in Web Development, Web erp, Web server, web Designing, search engine optimization, web portal developments from India. Nissi, derived from the word "Jehovah Nissi" − which means "God is my victory flag" is a biblical name. Nissi Infotech private Limited started in 1997 as a simple web designing company was incorporated as private limited company in 2006.

Our Services

Monthly Development plan

If you want a software company to be the back office and provide any or all of the following services like design, development, coding and seopromotion is your requirement, then our Monthly Development Plans (MDP) is undoubtedly the best solution for you!

Kind of sites we

.Net based websites, php/mysql based websites, asp based websites, photoshop dreamweaver based websites, Flash based websites, SEO based websites,IT support based sites, web server management, software testing based sites, Etc.,

Monthly Maintenance plan

If you are having a web project to be maintained on monthly basis and regular basis or software project to be maintained on monthly basis is this your requirement, then our monthly maintenance plan (MMP) is undoubtedly the best solution for you.

Why maintain your site

You may be wondering why you have to maintain your site. Here are the reasons…

  • Let us assume that the link for an important content page is outdated or changed. When your website still contains the old link, a prospective client or a casual visitor who explores the site may realize that the links provided are no longer useful. They will be forced to assume that the owners of the site are not involved in the progress of the business any more. When the customers' first impression is bad, it is difficult to bring things back to normal. This is not a good sign. Hence website maintenance is necessary.
  • The changes effected in your business may be many. For instance, you might have taken time and effort to update the technology used in your business or adapted a new business strategy or changed the pricing patterns. But if these changes are not mentioned in your website, i.e. if your site is not updated, the progress in your business will not be communicated to your current and prospective clients. Therefore updating your website is very important.
  • Your business might involve a lot of changes and as time passes by. Newer technology or better techniques may have been introduced. Accordingly, you might need to include additional features in your website to make it more attractive or for many other reasons. If you are part of our maintenance plan, we will help you add features to your website and make it ready when you need it.
  • The payment for adding features may be done on a monthly basis on easy soft payment methods.
  • We know how busy your business keeps you. Do not worry if you have not the time to check your website at regular intervals. Once you get yourself included in our maintenance plan, it becomes our duty to maintain your website and to take all precautionary actions regularly.
  • Your mails may not be working properly or you may not receive further mails due to many problems like over quota and so on. You may not be aware of the ways to overcome such problems. Do not worry as we are right here to help you. We have professionals who can help you get over the problems and keep checking if you are receiving the mails properly.
  • You might be under the presumption that any important link, the email link, the enquiry link or the lead link and so on in your site may be working properly while actually they are not. The malfunctioning of links may be due to various reasons. If you are our client, all you have to do is leave the problem to us. We will help you identify the problems and come with a solution.
  • Problems also arise when, without your knowledge, the hosting company reloads your site from their back up when the server fails. You may not have realized this earlier. We can help you overcome such problems, too.
  • A sudden virus attack would have disabled some links. This spreads all over the computer if not kept under check. We also help you keep your computers virus-free, if you include yourself in our maintenance plan.
  • There could be many other problems with your site to which you may not know the right solution. When you become our customers, we will assure you a better experience with your own website!