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Almost All of the sites designed or implemented by New Media Campaigns are run on our proprietary content management system


Are you planning to blow up your products in an innovative way? An E Boucher might be the one on your mind. E-Brochures give you an easy interface inclusive of all the capabilities of a normal website. Customers at website designers of India, has been enjoying the experience of realistic page turning effects. E-Brochures are cost effective, less resource depleting and can be distributed quickly to your clients through an email or your own website. E brochures are now named as online publications, flip books, info flip etc depending on the base design.


E brochure can be an effective green marketing tool replacing the expensive printed brochures

and redoing it all over again. E brochures are instant and reduce the delivery time matching the need of the hour for marketing or launching your products enabling free deliveries. E brochures are easy to edit and update and thereby reduces wastages and the cost of reprinting repeated content and helps you to be different every time.

E brochures can be made with search options and zoom to enhance visibility. Website Designers of India creates E brochures for anything like reports, catalogs, information, white papers, newsletters and magazines making it SEO effective and more effective on your WebPages along with the other tools.

Recent E-Brochure Design Samples